Comber E 86

For better combing
  1. Highest production thanks to ROBOlap
  2. High flexibility
  3. Unequaled quality

Product details

The comber E 86, with its high production and its unequaled quality, leads the way in combing. Individual quality requirements can be fulfilled thanks to the new height-adjustable integral circular comb, Ri-Q-Comb.

The established, fully automated ROBOlap lap changing and piecing system is the standard for modern combing operations. Together with the unique OMEGAlap preparation, the highest production per set on the market is achieved.


The effective production performance of the comber E 86 is up to 90 kg/h combed sliver. The combed sliver production of two tons per day is therefore significantly exceeded. The largest active combing area permits more flexibility in the level of noil extraction. The comber E 86 has up to 2% higher efficiency, due to ROBOlap.


Thanks to the largest active combing area, an unequaled yarn quality is secured. The gentle, controlled fiber treatment is achieved by optimally coordinated combing movements and the technology elements developed by Rieter. The lap quality delivered by the OMEGAlap preparation guarantees the highest possible quality on the comber E 86.


Adaptation to market requirements can be realized due to the greatest active combing area in combination with the flexible setting. Worldwide unique is the ROBOlap automatic lap change and piecing system of the fully automated comber E 86.

With the lap transport system, a choice can be made between the semi-automated SERVOtrolley lap transport system and the fully automatic SERVOlap lap transport system.

  • SERVOlap E 26

    The SERVOlap E 26 is a fully automated lap transport system. This system can transport laps from the combing preparation machine to the comber in a completely contactless process. This process safeguards the quality of the lap and also saves on personnel costs.




Batt weight [g/m]

up to 80

Efficiency [%]

up to 96

Max. output [kg/h]

up to 90

Lap transport systems

SERVOtrolley (semi-automatic)

SERVOlap (fully automatic)