Upgrades and Retrofits

Maintain the value of Rieter equipment and boost its performance with innovative engineered solutions.
  1. Maximize productivity
  2. Improve yarn quality
  3. Save energy and optimize costs
  4. Extend the lifetime of equipment
  5. Improve flexibility

Boosting Performance

After several years of operation, machines do not meet today's requirements anymore and require a little boost to recover their initial productivity. Rieter provides a wide range of solutions to bring your equipment up to its best levels and even beyond. 


Replacement of the obsolete gearbox with a new (single) SERVOdrive. The planetary gear would be eliminated without replacement. The function of the gearbox will be taken over by a new servomotor and new power controller.

Customer values

  • No oil change on the gearbox
  • Maintenance free solution
  • No time-consuming bearing change on gearbox
  • Less parts on stock
  • Secured delivery situation


The SLIVERguide centrically guides the sliver into the drafting system. It features a double helix for precise alignment as well as a grid plate for easy adjustments. The bars are produced in one piece.

Customer values

  • Improved sliver evenness compared to the previous centering method
  • Up to 20 minutes reduced adjustment time to accommodate different raw material
  • Easy setting duplication thanks to numbered grid plates

Sensors retrofit

To obtain an optimum sliver quality, it is important to precisely control the main processes in the drawe frame with sensors. By installing the sensors retrofit, the standard sensors will be replaced by accurate, contactless sensors.

Customer values

  • Contactless, wear-free measurement system, which leads to higher lifetime of the sensor
  • Short downtime due to easy and fast installation 

Control unit retrofit

The control unit T30/X20 uses the latest control generation and features a colored touch display with a high resolution. It replaces the discontinued control unit PP41.

Customer values

  • Quick machine adjustment due to shown settings recommendation based on raw material data
  • Intuitive and easy operation
  • Machine and production data up/downloaded via USB

OMEGAlap E 35 upgrade package

The OMEGAlap E 35 upgrade consists of the installation of the latest drives and electronic components from the OMEGAlap E 36.

Customer values

  • Up to 30% productivity increase thanks to 10% higher speed (from 180m/min to 200m/min) and 30% reduced lap change time (from 45 seconds to 30 seconds)
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance
  • Increased lifetime of suction calander wiper

UNIlap E 32 retrofit

The UNIlap E 32 Retrofit consists of two different packages. A standard package which includes all relevant wear parts to minimize downtime and an additional package which contains additional parts to achieve maximum running time.

Customer values

  • Increases lifetime
  • Restore the original performance
  • Minimized downtime and maintenance
  • Increase output up to 16% / max. delivery speed 140m/min (only with the additional package)

Modernization E 65/75

Rieter offers a package to modernize the combers E 65 and E 75. It consists of installing a new stationary comb support, changing some technology components and main parts of the gear box. As a result, the comber benefits from a second life and even surpasses its original performance.

Customer values

  • Up to 10% productivity increase
  • Same sliver quality by higher speed
  • Up to 2% savings on good fibers
  • Reduction of neps in the combed sliver due to new technology parts