Winding Repairs

Broad range of repair products for all winding machines
  1. State-of-the-art test facilities
  2. Software-based automated testing
  3. Complete overhauling solutions


Rieter offers a broad range of repair products for all Rieter winding machines. Through its network of Rieter repair stations across the globe, Rieter is able to provide the highest quality repairs within the shortest turnaround time, ensuring minimal downtime for its customers' winding machines. Rieter’s winding repair product portfolio ranges from customized preventive repair packages to complete systems overhaul solutions and it is considered the industry reference.

Motherboard SP-Control Refurbishment

The motherboard SP-control of the winding machine is an integral part of the machine’s winding and package doffer unit. It receives the parameters required for winding from the operating unit and controls all the electrical processes of the associated peripherals in the autonomous winding unit.

Customer benefits

  • Consistent package quality
  • Increased machine efficiency
  • Reduced unwanted stoppage
  • Extended lifetime

Drum Friction Motor Refurbishment

The friction drum plays a critical role in package build-up. The friction drum motor located in each winding position drives the yarn guide drum through an integral drum shaft mechanism.

Rieter recommends the refurbishment of the friction drum motor after three to four years of operation, depending on the customer’s operating environment and machine process parameters.

Customer Benefits

  • Uniformity in package build-up
  • Reduced unwanted stoppage
  • Original performance
  • Extended lifetime

Operating Unit Refurbishment

Rieter offers the refurbishment of the operating unit with a repair kit consisting of a new touch panel, LCD and other discrete electronic components. The unresponsive touch panel with faded LCD gets replaced when required by new components to ensure proper function of the machine interface.

Customer Benefits 

  • Improved operator ergonomics and user interface
  • Improved accessibility
  • Extended lifetime

Jayakumar Venkatesan

Global Head Product Management Repair Services