Customer Training

Enhancing people's potential
  1. Unlock optimum usage of Rieter machines
  2. Improve yarn quality
  3. Optimize cost
  4. Maximize production output
  5. Extend lifetime of equipment

INmill Training

Dedicated to its customers, Rieter brings its experienced trainers to their mills. INmill training allow a focus on the customer’s specific needs with his or her own machines and settings. It also gives the flexibility to design and adjust the training in order to tailor it to the requirements, with minimum disruption of the staff schedules.

INclass Training

Rieter training centers with their well-equipped classrooms – ranging from blowroom to the final spinning machines – provide the optimal environment for customer training courses. Participants are better able to focus on what is being taught compared to participating from their working place. They benefit from a hands-on experience on machines installed in Rieter's training centers which means no interruption of production at their spinning mills. 

Mr. Venkatesh Ganesan

Vice President Technology and Education