Added value through longer lifetime

Many travelers lying unsorted on top of each other

Longevity is crucial for resource efficiency and a win-win for customers and the planet. For spinners, long lifetime of machines and their components means long service intervals, less downtime, higher efficiency, and lower cost. For the planet, it means a better footprint with less resource depletion and environmental harm.


Graphic shows traveler lifetime depending on yarn count
Three times longer lifespan with traveler ZIRKON

Hi-tech ceramic coating triples lifespan

The Bräcker ring traveler ZIRKON is the traveler with the longest lifetime on the market. More than 1 000 hours can be achieved at maximum speeds, which is three times longer than the lifetime of regular ring travelers. A high-tech ceramic coating, applied with state-of-the-art technology, is what sets it apart. The ring traveler thus contributes to the efficiency of production processes by reducing machine downtimes. Especially for newly installed compact-spinning machines, the ring traveler ZIRKON is a profitable and sustainable choice.

In a Rieter repair service center, two employees repair various products.

Extended lifetime with repair services

To optimize the performance of the spinning mill, Rieter also offers electronic and mechanical repair services from blowroom to winding as well as preventive services. All contribute to sustainability by prolonging the life cycle of products. Repair services provide reliable, long-lasting and cost-efficient solutions – quickly and systematically – to lower the risk of a breakdown. With certified experts across 24 repair service centers around the globe, Rieter provides as-good-as-new repairs that extend the lifetime of textile machinery.

Preventive services replace components before age-related faults occur. The result: less downtime, reduced annual parts costs and, optimized machine performance.