COMPACTdrum – Outstanding Efficiency with up to 26 000 RPM

Sri Jayajothi and Company Private Ltd., a quality yarn spinner from South India, produces cotton and synthetic yarns with a daily production capacity of 55 tons. The company is equipped with weaving and knitting facilities to produce fabrics as well as apparels and ensures that each product meets global quality standards. Customer satisfaction is the company’s top priority. Hence, Jayajothi invests in the latest technology to be able to produce at highest speed without compromising on quality.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for the company is to meet the growing market demands, and thus the need to get the maximum efficiency out of their machines. This allows for higher productivity, but at the same time requires maintaining consistently high yarn quality at low conversion costs. Higher raw material costs and the unavailability of good fibers throughout the season increases the need for perfectly tailored technology that fulfills Jayajothi’s needs.

The Solution

Jayajothi’s experience with almost every generation of Rieter machines over the past 16 years, makes Rieter the first choice for their future investments. For their current challenges, the company opted for the ring spinning machine G 37 with semi-electronic drafting system together with the compacting device COMPACTdrum. The possibility to conduct trials in the Rieter spin center in Winterthur, Switzerland, has helped Jayajothi to choose the suitable technology for their diversified product portfolio. The Rieter team supported the customer throughout the project with mill expertise, service, and technology know-how.

The Customer's Benefits

The ring spinning machine G 37 with the compacting device COMPACTdrum runs with excellent spinning stability and ensures highest productivity. Jayajothi operates the machines at a maximum spindle speed of 26 000 rpm producing a very fine yarn (Ne 60) from 100% cotton with 100 grams per spindle and shift (GPSS). This is far above the industry benchmark. The energy efficient components such as the 75 kW IE4 main motor, the LENA spindles and the optimized suction systems reduce the energy consumption by up to 7% compared to the previous model.

The compacting device COMPACTdrum reduces long protruding hairs of the yarn to an absolute minimum which increases the acceptance in downstream processing. This enables Jayajothi to supply very demanding customers in the global market. The yarn produced with this Rieter solution achieves the best performance in downstream processes: a value below 0.20 warping breaks per million meter can hardly be reached by a yarn from of any other system. The durable technology components of COMPACTdrum ensure that the yarn quality remains consistently high over the long term. In addition, the unique SERVOgrip system eliminates the need to underwind the yarn for doffing preparation. This reduces fiber fly and ensures high yarn quality.

The G 37 with COMPACTdrum is hard to beat in terms of flexibility. Parameters such as yarn twist or twist direction can quickly be adjusted on the machine display. The compacting device COMPACTdrum can easily be plugged in or out and, as a result, enables the customer to switch between ring and compact yarn. The machine processes almost any type of fiber and can be easily and quickly adjusted to almost any raw material. With Rieter machinery, Jayajothi can respond to various requirements: flexibility for constantly changing trends, better running behavior in downstream processes, better fabric appearance and a diversified product portfolio with high quality.

We are very satisfied with the performance of the ring spinning machine G 37 with the compacting device COMPACTdrum. The machine runs at a exceptionally high spindle speed of 26 000 rpm and produces consistently high yarn quality. The main characteristic of COMPACTdrum is that it reduces the long hairiness in the yarn, resulting in significantly less warp breaks in our weaving machines.K Gokul, Managing Director of Sri Jayajothi and Company Private Ltd.

Sri Jayajothi and Company Private Ltd.

Sri Jayajothi and Company Private Ltd., is a fast developing textile center in South India. It was established in 1981 and has been growing steadily ever since. Sri Jayajothi manufactures and exports cotton and synthetic yarn with a count range from Ne 2 to Ne 120. The company produces ring and rotor yarn for weaving and knitting. It is also equipped with a fully-equipped computerized laboratory from Uster and Premier to analyze the quality of cotton and yarn and to deliver premium quality products to its customers. Sri Jayajothi has managed to generate over 5 million units of clean, environmentally friendly energy from its wind turbines, providing nearly 48.45% of the mills' electricity needs.

Sri Jayajothi and Company Private Ltd.

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