News and Success Stories

Only 60 minutes left until the beginning of this year’s Annual General Meeting. Almost everything is ready. The excitement is building. The first shareholders are expected.

Both parties are expected to create synergies by improving the processing of pre-and post-consumer recycling materials.

recycled yarn production - rotor spinning machine R 37, Zijian

Three customers report on their experiences with the processing of recycled raw material on the semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 37.

The latest open prism technology for splicing covers a universal range of applications. It is easier to handle, splices are more even and possess greater strength.

Draw frames play a key role in every spinning mill in determining the quality of the yarn.

The combined Rieter metal and spark detector identifies all types of magnetic and nonmagnetic metallic particles. The device is easy to integrate into the blowroom line thanks to its compact design.

i-Bearing monitors the condition of all bearings, in real-time. Bearing wear and potential failures are detected at an early stage which makes scheduling easier and keeps downtime to a minimum.

Rieter spinning systems are energy-efficient and help to reduce the carbon footprint.

SSM is introducing the new winder, NEO-YW which leverages all of the company’s latest winding improvements to create a precision winding machine that is easy to use while delivering greater winding…