Two of today’s standard methods of mechanical cotton harvesting were compared with each other, and each process was examined closely from ginning through to the knitted fabric.

Spin-twisted yarn is an interesting alternative to conventional ply yarn. It offers advantages with regard to cost efficiency, and in terms of yarn hairiness and pilling in knitted fabric.

Cans with a diameter of 1 200 mm are the alternative choice in Rieter spinning preparation. They increase the machine efficiency while also reducing personnel requirements and waste.

Kanish Spinning Mill produces with its rotor spinning machines R 36 consistently high-quality yarn from regenerated raw material at 98.5% machine efficiency.

High productivity and flexibility: The open rail system of the fully automatic roving bobbin transport system SERVOtrail Direct satisfies Jay Jay Mills’ needs at its best.

Com4 is the Rieter brand for high-quality yarns – these are first-class yarns that are produced on Rieter end spinning machines. Rieter customers can apply for a Com4 license and as soon as internal…

Huafu Fashion wanted to increase its production of melange yarn even further. With Rieter’s Ring Spinning Machine G 32 the company is now able to produce melange yarn with high yarn quality and…

Huafu Fashion Co., Ltd. is the first A-share company in the color spun industry in China and a global leading color spun industrial brand. Huafu is one of the world's biggest suppliers and…

With the precision blender UNIblend A 81 Fuhua Dezhou found the perfect solution to automate the blending process in their blowroom.