For the most part, sewing thread producers still rely on machines on which the tubes must be changed manually. This means that, in the sewing thread sector in particular, both productivity and profit…

The strength of the Rieter rotor spinning system has always been its high productivity and achievement of a consistent yarn quality, particularly in applications with shorter fibers. The new rotor…

Rajaguru Spinning Mills chose Rieter's air-jet spinning machine. Today they produce high-quality Com4®jet yarns with high production efficiency and low conversion costs.

The Rieter compact-spinning system with compacting device COMPACTdrum is known for very good yarn quality, highest possible level of flexibility and lowest production costs.

The Chinese company Shaanxi Yinhua Textile Co., Ltd. primarily produces combed ring and compact yarn. With two semi-automated rotor spinning machines R 36 Yinhua uses noils, carding waste and cotton…

COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges. It goes without saying that everybody’s first priority is to help safeguard the well-being of all of us ...

Facing a quick changing and demanding market the Portuguese textile producer Polopique was looking for a flexible solution in yarn production.

Two of today’s standard methods of mechanical cotton harvesting were compared with each other, and each process was examined closely from ginning through to the knitted fabric.

Spin-twisted yarn is an interesting alternative to conventional ply yarn. It offers advantages with regard to cost efficiency, and in terms of yarn hairiness and pilling in knitted fabric.