Parts and Maintenance

Original parts for any Rieter machinery, from classic to the newest generation, throughout the complete life cycle.
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  2. Rapid delivery from central and local warehouses
  3. Available for the entire spinning equipment

Restoring original quality

Rieter offers original parts for any short staple spinning machinery, from fiber preparation to end spinning. 

Yarn tension sensor

The yarn tension sensor AutotenseFX ensures constant yarn tension progression during the entire unwinding process of a bobbin. Regulating the yarn tensioner means that the tension is adapted to the nominal value as given by the input provided by the operating unit. If this regulation is no longer ensured as the bobbin end approaches, Autospeed reduces the winding speed so that AutotenseFX again operates in the controllable range. After each yarn break, a new zero tuning of the system is performed to compensate measuring errors.

Customer values

  • Production increase
  • Quality improvement of the yarn
  • Less yarn breaks
  • Number of ejected bobbins is reduced