Available for all Rieter customers
  1. Making work organization smooth
  2. Strengthening staff expertise

Product details

ESSENTIALbasic is the starter module of ESSENTIAL – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite – and is available for all Rieter customers. It includes solutions such as ESSENTIALorder and ESSENTIALconsult.


Based on existing customer information, the webshop ESSENTIALorder visualizes which Rieter machines and systems are available inside each spinning mill. It therefore offers a personalized shopping experience and facilitates order management, enabling spinning mills to optimize their internal stock levels. ESSENTIALorder is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


  • Possibility of checking real-time availability, price and shipment before ordering
  • Tracking of the order status and shipment
  • Ensuring the compatibility of spare parts with technical fit guarantees
  • Simplifying of recurring orders with the order history 
  • Assignment of different roles to different users – who can access, create orders and also within what limits, or is able to track commands. 


Thanks to ESSENTIALconsult, it is possible to save time and quickly access digital documents with a single click. The module contains all relevant operation manuals. Further documents can be added by the customer and linked to a specific machine.


Customers can profit from Rieter’s expertise and know-how to strengthen the understanding of technology and engineering in short-staple spinning. ESSENTIALexpertise provides access to the volumes of the Rieter Manual of Spinning, special prints, and many other digitized know-how papers.

Market news

Relevant textile market information related to the spinning business such as yarn and energy prices for different global areas can be retrieved effortlessly.