The mill monitoring module
  1. Receiving improvement suggestions
  2. Optimizing machine operating hours with planned maintenance
  3. Enhancing machine productivity, output quality, and consistency

Product details

ESSENTIALmonitor provides organized data from the entire spinning process, allowing all relevant information to be collected, weaknesses to be identified, and personnel to be managed in the most economical way. The specific and non-stop recording of data for production, energy, and quality allows fast response times and increases the efficiency of spinning mills while reducing costs. Discover some key solutions of ESSENTIALmonitor below.

Data consolidation and analysis

Get a clear overview of the spinning mill's current status and easily monitor all data related to energy, climate, quality, and much more. Consolidate key performance indicators for each machine and ensure constant quality as well as an enhanced machine productivity. Centralized, user-friendly and customizable: ESSENTIALmonitor collects and analyzes spinning mill data required for an optimal decision-making process.


Receive real-time data concerning production, quality, and energy for a fast remote analysis, including shift reports, single machine status, overview of multiple machines, and much more directly to your mobile phone.


  • Overall situational snapshot 
  • Push-and-share notifications
  • Predefined threshold setting 
  • Modular & customizable 
  • Available 24/7 anywher

Improvement suggestions

Not only optimize the spinning process, but also prevent unnecessary downtime through improvement suggestions based on user rules, an upstream data analysis and the event history of the machine.


Have the complete planning overview with a clear visualization of open tasks and operators' work allocation in calendar form. 


  • Organize, schedule, assign, and track actions
  • Create customized tasks
  • Receive and share push notifications via smartphone or e-mail
  • Planned maintenance with automated and customized schedules