The predictive maintenance module
  1. Maintaining machines' highest availability
  2. Identifying potential failure of equipment already at an early stage
  3. Planning maintenance schedules

Product details

ESSENTIALmaintain enables intelligent spinning mill maintenance. This module analyzes sensor data from critical machine components and identifies abnormalities to avoid outages. From Rieter to third-party spinning equipment and auxiliaries, ESSENTIALmaintain covers the entire spinning mill maintenance needs.

Condition monitoring

Sensors monitor the current performance and condition of the critical parts of the machines. As soon as a preset threshold is exceeded, an alarm notification is sent with a consolidated reporting as well as clear actions to be taken.

Predictive alarm

Sensors collect data in real time, use algorithms and event histories of the machines to identify patterns and predict potential failures. Receive foretelling alarms with clear measures to be taken to schedule the maintenance in a better way and to optimize equipment's availability.