Draw Frame SB-D 27

Highest productivity using minimal space
  1. Maximum machine efficiency
  2. Optimized for processing recycled fibers
  3. Low energy consumption

Product details

The SB-D 27 is designed for highest productivity of up to 1 200 m/min delivery speed. An active sliver feeding system at machine entry guarantees fast and reliable sliver transport. The rotational can changer for cans up to 1 200 mm diameter ensures highest machine efficiency.

The enhanced expert system SLIVERprofessional can be operated on the large 10 inch touchscreen to quickly change assortments.

Energy costs are kept to a minimum through the use of the ECOrized drive concept and the compact dimensios make it the perfect choice for space-saving applications.


The rotational can changer for cans up to 1 200 mm diameter with 43% more sliver capacity ensures high machine efficiency. The enhanced capacity reduces number of sliver piecings as well as personnel requirement.

The compact dimensions result in decreased space costs. Energy costs are kept to a minimum thanks to the use of the ECOrized drive concept. A new level of robustness keeps the operating costs low.

The coiler CLEANcoil-PES extends the cleaning cycle by at least 100% on critical polyester fibers. It is also beneficial for blends with more than 40% recycled polyester.


The active sliver feeding system at machine entry guarantees a fast and reliable sliver transport, also for blends of fibers with different bulkiness, e.g. polyester/combed cotton blends.

The SB-D 27 is optimized for the processing of recycled fibers thanks to an enlarged suction concept and a new web funnel design. In addition, the expert system SLIVERprofessional provides recommended settings for recycled fibers

The CLEANtube option ensures clean sliver coiling when processing cotton.


The 10-inch machine display and improved menu navigation take user-friendliness to a new level. High visibility LEDs indicate the condition of the draw frame and simplify the work for the operator.

Delivery speed, coiler speed, can speed and suction intensity can conveniently be set on the display via frequency-controlled drives.

The expert system SLIVERprofessional includes additional important setting parameters like coiler speed and can speed to ensure rapid material change and excellent quality.


Innovations New Draw Frame Generation – Brochure

Machine specifications


Raw materials

Cotton, man-made fiber, blends, fiber lengths up to 60 mm

Doubling [fold]

up to 8 

Feed [ktex]

20 – 50

Draft [fold]

4.5 – 11.6

Delivered sliver weight [ktex]

2.5 - 7.00




Delivery speed [m/min]

2 x 1 200