Upgrades and Retrofits

Maintain the value of Rieter equipment and boost its performance with innovative engineered solutions.
  1. Maximize productivity
  2. Improve yarn quality
  3. Save energy and optimize costs
  4. Extend the lifetime of equipment
  5. Improve flexibility

Boosting Performance

After several years of operation, machines do not meet today's requirements anymore and require a little boost to recover their initial productivity. Rieter provides a wide range of solutions to bring your equipment up to its best levels and even beyond. 

Autoconer X6: New open prism splice technology

Yarn splicing is one of the central functions of the winding machine. For this reason, the continuous improvement of the splicing process is a key point in the development of the Autoconer technology. With the latest innovation, the open prism splice technology, the customer benefits from improvements in the splice process, splice quality and in handling (universal use).

Customer values

  • Improvements in splicing
  • Easy handling, universal use
  • Retrofit kits
  • Applications

Autoconer upgrade kit – Suction nozzle and Smartjet

Customers can now switch to the fastest and most economical upper yarn pick for their Autoconer. The new suction nozzle catches the upper yarn measurably faster and more reliably. With the optional Smartjet, even the doffer assists. This means avoiding red lights, saving energy and yarn and it doesn't need as many workers.

Customer values

  • Energy efficiency
  • Optimized package quality
  • Yarn resources saved
  • Operator‘s workload reduced
  • Higher productivity