Upgrades and Retrofits

Maintain the value of Rieter equipment and boost its performance with innovative engineered solutions.
  1. Maximize productivity
  2. Improve yarn quality
  3. Save energy and optimize costs
  4. Extend the lifetime of equipment
  5. Improve flexibility

Boosting Performance

After several years of operation, machines do not meet today's requirements anymore and require a little boost to recover their initial productivity. Rieter provides a wide range of solutions to bring your equipment up to its best levels and even beyond.

New open prism splice technology

Yarn splicing is one of the central functions of the winding machine. For this reason, the continuous improvement of the splicing process is a key point in the development of the Autoconer technology. With the latest innovation, the open prism splice technology, the customer benefits from improvements in the splice process, splice quality and in handling (universal use).

Customer values

  • Improvements in splicing
  • Easy handling, universal use
  • Retrofit kits
  • wider application range

Suction nozzle and Smartjet

Customers can now switch to the fastest and most economical upper yarn pick for their Autoconer. The new suction nozzle catches the upper yarn measurably faster and more reliably. With the optional Smartjet, even the doffer assists. This means avoiding red lights, saving energy and yarn and it doesn't need as many workers.

Customer values

  • Energy efficiency
  • Optimized package quality
  • Yarn resources saved
  • Operator‘s workload reduced
  • Higher productivity

Propack FX

To avoid creation of critical pattern zones, Propack FX, the electronic package-cradle anti-patterning system, was developed. Both entanglements and sloughing-off layers during unwinding and uneven dyeing are a thing of the past. Using Propack FX has a positive impact both on the winding process and the efficiency in downstream processes.

Customer values 

  • Improved package quality due to elimination of critical pattern zones
  • Higher productivity
  • Simplified operation
  • Enhanced performance in weaving
  • Enhanced performance in dyeing

Variopack FX

The most important topic for winding elastic materials is the optimization of the package structure. Variopack FX is the intelligent combination of the two systems Autotense FX and Propack FX and it prevents packages from bulging out package flanks resulting in an improved handling and logistics in the downstream processing.

Customer values 

  • Uniform package build-up with no bulging-out of package flanks
  • Optimum unwinding behaviour in downstream processing, the yarn take-off is trouble-free and dyeing gives no problem.
  • No handling problems in the downstream processes and in packing, packages of all common shapes can now be placed on top of one another.

Preci FX

Preci FX is a software-controlled yarn traversing system for winding both from cop to package, and from package to package. Preci FX allows to switch between three winding technologies: pattern-free random winding, precision or step-precision winding.

Customer values

  • Pattern-free, software-controlled package build-up
  • Flexibility in package design, no hardware limits
  • Excellent dye packages
  • Hard packages with superior unwinding behavior

Ecopack FX

Ecopack FX is a winding machine conversion that produces quality packages with a length deviation of less than 1%. This is possible thanks to the contactless optical precision length measurement. Customers massively reduce yarn waste and increase profitability of their winding operations.

Customer values

  • Length deviation of less than 1%
  • Yarn waste significantly reduced
  • Profitability in winding and downstream processes increased

Waxing Device

The waxing device perfectly and gently waxes S and Z-yarns without handling , always in the optimal range in combination with the yarn tension sensor Autotense FX.

Customer values

  • Waxing perfectly in the optimum waxing range
  • Uniform waxing for efficient downstream processing
  • Wax roll monitoring for minimum wax waste
  • Easy handling, central setting

Cops Lock Pro

Winding machine with cops lock pro helps for easy handling of ring spinning cops with more yarn content

Cops Lock Pro has a deeper clamping position and provides a great benefit to handle cops with too low built-up in the spinning process. This ensures either that the cops are unwound smoothly without yarn breaks or residues on the tube. Also, cops which are spun regarding the recommendations, can now be spun with a little bit more content.

Customer values

  • High process reliability
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy handling and installation

Valve Block

Winding splicing valve block improves the process reliability during splicing

The improved white splicing valve block increases process reliability and provides a longer lifetime thanks to its updated design and material compared to the already existing black and white valve block. In addition, it reduces the risk of undetected compressed air loss.

Customer values

  • Reduced maintenance costs by up to 30%
  • High process reliability during splicing
  • Less maintenance due to high wear resistance

Smart Splice Technology

Smart winding splicing technology suitable for wide application range and flexibility

The smart splicers suitable for wider application ranges sets the benchmark for easy handling and impressive quality in every application. The smart functions reduce the operator’s workload and automatically ensure top splicing quality.

Customer values

  • High flexibility for a wide application range
  • Improving the splice quality
  • Easy installation with plug and play

Color Check

Color Check guarantees maximum process reliability with continuous monitoring of the tubes for correct combination and allocation during multicount and multilot processing. 

Customer values

  • Material and lot mix-up eliminated
  • Correct combination and allocation of tubes
  • Continuous, contactless monitoring system for quality assurance