Combing Preparation OMEGAlap E 36

Unique winding belt technology for highest performance
  1. Unique winding belt technology
  2. Effective production of over 600 kg/h
  3. Superior lap quality

Product details

OMEGAlap E 36 with proven winding belt technology is the most economic combing preparation system and provides the qualitatively best conditions for high-performance combing.

Lap production is based on the unique winding belt technology. The belt specially developed for this purpose is wrapped around the lap as it builds up. This results in an optimal distribution of contact pressure over the circumference of the lap. This enables production of a uniformly wound lap of optimal quality, at simultaneous maximum productivity and speed.


OMEGAlap E 36 achieves an effective output of more than 600 kg/h. Compared to other preparation systems on the market, this corresponds to a production increase of over 50%. 

The OMEGAlap E 36 is the optimal preparation for the combers E 90 and E 86 and ensures that large combing sets are economical and efficient. One OMEGAlap E 36 supplies up to five E 90 or six E 86 combers.

The low energy consumption is a result of the energy-efficient electronic and mechanical drive elements and the high output.


The very good lap quality is based on good fiber orientation and batt structure, uniform batt weight and homogeneous lap build-up. The high quality is achieved at a constant winding speed of 230 m/min, regardless of staple length and lap diameter. The proven belt technology allows a uniform pressure distribution on up to 75% of the lap circumference and consequently reduces the flexing work during the lap formation process.


The combination of the OMEGAlap E 36e and the combers E 86 form the economic alternative for smaller combing sets (1 + 4). Static and dynamic sliver monitors detect missing or stationary slivers. Error messages allow operating personnel to eliminate sliver breaks precisely and quickly.

The OMEGAlap E 36 can be connected to either a semi-automated SERVOtrolley lap transport system or a fully automated SERVOlap lap transport system.

Machine specifications


Delivery speed (constant) [m/min]

E 36: up to 230

E 36e: 140

Production (effective) [kg/h]

E 36: > 600

E 36e: up to 400


Batt weight max. [g/m]