Parts and Maintenance

Original parts for any Rieter machinery, from classic to the newest generation, throughout the complete life cycle.
  1. Uncompromising quality
  2. Rapid delivery from central and local warehouses
  3. Available for the entire spinning equipment

Restoring original quality

Rieter offers original parts for any short staple spinning machinery, from fiber preparation to end spinning. 

Opening rollers

Rieter provides a wide range of opening rollers, for semi and fully automatic rotor spinning. All opening rollers have been developed to ensure a easy and rapid exchange of worn out rollers. The Clip technology available for the fully automatic opening rollers is patented.

Customer values

  • Substantially reduced maintenance time
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced downtime


Whether for semi- or fully-automatic rotor spinning, Rieter offers rotors matching every machine generation and requirements. For fully-automatic, a selection of aluminium, steel or neXT generation rotors are available, in various coating and diameters, for speeds up to 150 000 rpm. For semi-automatic, rotors with appropriate resilient mounting are available. They features different coatings to sustain even under extreme conditions.

Customer values

  • Extended lifetime
  • Optimized energy consumption

Channel Insert 28 with Speedpass

Channel insert 28 with SPEEDpass is a cutting-edge solution that optimizes air flow, resulting in energy savings and enhanced running properties. When combined with Rotor 28-XGQ-BD, yarn quality improvements can be achieved.

Customer values

  • Reduced energy consumption by optimized air flow for the entire machine by up to 6%
  • Improved yarn quality and strength in combination with rotor 28-XGQ-BD

Take-off nozzles

Rieter take-off nozzles for rotor spinning machines are the results of years of experience and studies about yarn characteristics. They come in various materials (steel, ceramic, nano) and shape to cover even the most stringent demands.

Customer values

  • Increased spinning stability
  • Optimum yarn quality
  • High rotor speeds with nano take-off nozzles

Supporting discs

Only the Rieter supporting discs are exclusively balanced for best running properties at the highest rotor speeds. Extensive measurements have shown an 80% lower residual unbalance as compared with other manufacturers. For synthetic fibers, the ANTIstatic support discs avoid deposits and thus considerably reduce cleaning time.

Customer values

  • Wear resistant for a longer service life
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower maintenance effort


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