Automatic Winding Machine Autoconer X6

Benchmark in winding and splicing quality
  1. Significantly lower energy consumption
  2. More production with superior splicing quality
  3. Intelligent process automation

Product details

The Autoconer X6 winds various staple fiber yarns into process-optimized packages. The winding machine impresses with maximum productivity, intelligent process automation and ergonomic operation. The excellent figures for winding and splicing quality are well-known on the market.

The innovative Multilink option makes automation even more flexible, cost effective and space-saving. The Autoconer X6 can be linked to up to four ring spinning machines.


Sensor-controlled function processes, autocalibration functions and the powerful package doffer reduce the workload on employees. The Autoconer X6 is resource-efficient and fulfills the highest production requirements. Intelligent systems such as Smartcycle, the upper yarn sensor, Smartjet and launch control ensure short piecing cycles and minimize yarn residues and yarn loss. Linked systems operate at the highest level of efficiency due to the optimal balancing of their spinning and winding capacities. The modern material flow ensures maximum process reliability thanks to software-controlled material management.


The flexible Smartsplicer family provides spliced joints that are indistinguishable from the parent yarn, regardless of the yarn type. High-performance technology systems such as Autotense FX, Propack FX, Ecopack FX and PreciFX produce suitable packages for any type of downstream processing stage. The reproducibility, long-term stability and consistency of the quality values is ensured by setting all winding and splicing parameters centrally, and through the autocalibration of important aggregates. Using the Spindle Identification System (SPID), which is integrated into the linked system, every spinning mill is able to achieve the highest quality level.


The Autoconer X6 has an impressive modular design. This covers automation levels ranging from manual cops feed (type RM) through to the direct link, type V. Additional automation systems can be integrated as required based on customer needs.

The Autoconer X6 is set up for processing all types of staple fiber yarn. It produces cylindrical or conical packages, and dye packages or hard packages in various formats ranging from three to six inches. There are individual options to ensure optimal package build-up: waxing, drum winding or software-controlled yarn traverse using the winding technology PreciFX and others.

Economical Cop Processing

There are three machine types for cop processing, each offering a different level of automation.


Typ RM

Typ D

Typ V

Cop feedA stand-alone machine with manual cop feed in a circular magazineA stand-alone machine with automatic cop feed via the flat circular conveyor and automatic material flowDirect link to the ring spinning machine with direct cop feed and automatic material flow

Machine Specifications

Yarn count [Ne]2 - 100, yarns and plied yarns made from natural and man-made fibers; in some cases a winding test is required
Package formatsTraverse 3" - 6", cylindrical and conical up to 5°57’
Package diametermax. 320 mm
Winding speed

300 - 2 200 m/min

Speed freely adjustable, depending on the yarn type, cop build-up and machine equipment
Number of winding unitsup to 96
Winding unit gauge320 mm
Machine types for cop processingRM, D, V 
Rewinding machinesE, K, RC (rewinding of packages and residual packages)