Sustainability Stories

Reach maximum productivity while reducing costs with Bräcker's two new tools: stroboscope and ring centering device.

Ruixin invested recently in six combers E 86 with ROBOlap option. This led to a 67% higher production than the competition while delivering an excellent sliver quality.

Efficiency, stability and high quality are decisive factors in the production of filament yarns and synthetic fibers. The secret to success, however, lies in choosing the right components.

The highly efficient suction system of the draw frame SB-D 50 enables Chaohu Youngor to process dirty and dusty material like linen fibers.

The traveler STARLETplus from Bräcker is the perfect choice for spinning aggressive man-made fibers.

The air-jet spinning machine J 26 offers a new spinning nozzle housing with a reshaped fiber feeding element.

Although the quality of conventional covered yarn (CCY) is still unmatched, the main issue is the low production speed and limited versatility of the process. Air covering appears to be a good…