Sustainability Stories

As fashion brands commit to sustainability, the demand for recycled yarns continues to increase. Spinning mills are taking advantage of Rieter’s recycling technology and expertise to meet the growing…

By using the R 37, Usha Yarns not only meets its environmental goals but also achieves substantial gains in productivity, quality assurance, and energy efficiency.

Shunyuan Textile reduced the operator load and enhanced yarn quality integrating Rieter ROBOdoff on their R 36 and R 37 rotor spinning machines.

Wenzhou Mingshuo benefits from the ability of the Rieter semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 37 to process yarn with 70% to 95% recycled cotton content.

Rieter's recycling solution for cards helps Surya Spinners increase production and quality while reducing energy consumption, further enhancing their eco-friendly production process.

Recover, Rieter and Polopiqué, three key players in different stages of the textile supply chain, announce their partnership.

Rieter's collaboration with ORTA explores the possibilities of ring spinning in the recycling process, aiming to produce high-quality ring yarns with a significant share of recycled raw materials.

Repairing defective parts makes both ecological and economic sense. Repairs are often cheaper and quicker to conduct and conserve valuable resources.

recycled yarn production - rotor spinning machine R 37, Zijian

Stricter legal requirements and changed consumer expectations are stimulating greater demand for textiles made from recycled materials.

Both parties are expected to create synergies by improving the processing of pre-and post-consumer recycling materials.

Mr. Huang Jingsheng, Chairman of Wenzhou Luteng

Rieter customer Wenzhou Luteng operates the autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 50 at 850 m/min with a blend of recycled polyester-cotton fabric offcuts and recycled polyester fibers.

recycled yarn production - rotor spinning machine R 37, Zijian

Three customers report on their experiences with the processing of recycled raw material on the semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 37.

Graf now offers three dedicated innovative card clothing packages which are specially designed for processing recycled fibers.

With the semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 37, Cangnan Zijian produces colored yarn from a blend of recycled cotton and polyester. Downstream customers appreciate the high yarn quality.

Spinnova invests in a Rieter system to pioneer sustainable wood-based yarn with zero chemicals.

To keep pace with the increasing demand for recycled raw materials, Luannan Deshun invested in a Rieter semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 37.