Sustainability Stories

Dezhou Huayuan decision to invest into Rieter single-head draw frames reflects not only in improving production efficiency but also in boosting profitability.

In a recent comparison conducted at a Turkish customer, the compact-spinning machine K 48 used 18% less energy at the same productivity than the competitor machine.

Skytex Spinning increased productivity with the high-performance card C 80. In addition, the implementation of the C 80 marks a significant leap for the company in terms of energy efficiency.

With Rieter compact-spinning machines K 47, directly linked to Autoconer X6, Sri Bhagirath Textiles, India produces high-quality compact yarns, economically and highly automated.

Sapphire Textile Mills invested in the Rieter blowroom line VARIOline ECOrized to reduce energy costs in producing high-quality ring spinning yarn.

Optimizing energy and material consumption in the spinning mill and beyond.

Energy efficiency is key for any operation on the automatic winding machines.

The threat of an energy crisis in Europe has given further impetus to Rieter’s existing strategy of optimizing energy consumption.

The Ramco Group Textile Division illustrates how after-sales services can be a win-win for customers and the environment. Ramco was able to reduce electricity consumption by 3% and raw material waste…

Rieter spinning systems are energy-efficient and help to reduce the carbon footprint.

The optimized suction tube for the compact-spinning machine saves energy, while the running behavior and yarn quality remain consistently good.

Every yarn manufacturer’s dream is to achieve a perfectly wound package so that the yarn can be processed easily in downstream processes, like dyeing or weaving.

Increasing production while keeping energy costs under control, was the goal Divyalakshmi Textiles (India) pursued by investing in LENA spindles with CROCOdoff clamping crowns.

Yarn producers have always had to keep their operating costs – and consequently their energy costs – as low as possible, as these costs have a direct impact on the profitability of their company. Low…