Sustainability Stories

The FlatCLIP implemented in cast iron flats offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution to increase the lifetime and productivity of the cards.

Dezhou Huayuan decision to invest into Rieter single-head draw frames reflects not only in improving production efficiency but also in boosting profitability.

Shunyuan Textile reduced the operator load and enhanced yarn quality integrating Rieter ROBOdoff on their R 36 and R 37 rotor spinning machines.

The card C 80 forms the basis for high-quality yarns with a remarkable production and excellent sliver properties at Burteks Tekstil from Türkiye.

Skytex Spinning increased productivity with the high-performance card C 80. In addition, the implementation of the C 80 marks a significant leap for the company in terms of energy efficiency.

Rieter after-sales solutions for ring spinning machines enhance productivity at Hanif Spinning Mills and contribute to sustainability through extended machine lifetimes.

Sapphire Textile Mills invested in the Rieter blowroom line VARIOline ECOrized to reduce energy costs in producing high-quality ring spinning yarn.

Bräcker helped KPR Mill Limited upgrade their TITAN rings with ORBIT, increasing production by 10% while also achieving higher yarn quanlity in only six months.

Rieter's recycling solution for cards helps Surya Spinners increase production and quality while reducing energy consumption, further enhancing their eco-friendly production process.

Fuchun Textile's spinning mill reduced labor-intensive tasks and now always operates at peak efficiency thanks to automation in the combing section.

From blowroom to winding, Rieter identifies potential performance improvements for its customers.

To remain at the forefront of the industry, SISA prioritizes modernizing its spinning machinery – and integrated Rieter rotor spinning machine R 70.

By upgrading the bale opener with an A 11 take-off unit, the production output has increased by 20% while reducing conversion costs.

Chinese customer Sichuan Dekai achieves a spindle speed of 24 500 rpm with the ring spinning machine G 37.

Rieter customer Jayajothi runs the ring spinning machine G 37 with COMPACTdrum at a very high spindle speed and produces consistently high yarn quality.

Mr. Huang Jingsheng, Chairman of Wenzhou Luteng

Rieter customer Wenzhou Luteng operates the autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 50 at 850 m/min with a blend of recycled polyester-cotton fabric offcuts and recycled polyester fibers.

With Novibra's NASA HPS 68 and CROCOdoff, Arık Bey successfully upgraded the spindles on its ring spinning machines G30 and increased production, optimized energy saving and reduced cleaning efforts.

The compacting device COMPACTeasy was the perfect solution for Fergana Global Textil from Uzbekistan to upgrade its ring yarn to compact yarn.

Xiajin Taibai successfully produces knitting yarn with the semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 37. Downstream customers praise the performance of the knitting machines.

Reach maximum productivity while reducing costs with Bräcker's two new tools: stroboscope and ring centering device.

Ruixin invested recently in six combers E 86 with ROBOlap option. This led to a 67% higher production than the competition while delivering an excellent sliver quality.