Parts and Maintenance

Original parts for any Rieter machinery, from classic to the newest generation, throughout the complete life cycle.
  1. Uncompromising quality
  2. Rapid delivery from central and local warehouses
  3. Available for the entire spinning equipment

Restoring original quality

Rieter offers original parts for any short staple spinning machinery, from fiber preparation to end spinning. 

Wobble disc

The wobble disc take-off roller is made out of 39 wobble discs which are welded on a seamless precision pipe which is forming the take-off roller. This take-off roller is used in all current UNIflocs and available also for upgrades.

Customer values

  • Superior sturdiness
  • Higher lifetime
  • Improved running performance (less material choking between grid bar and teeth)
  • Lower vibrations (improved precision, helix-shaped formation of wobble discs)

Spiked lattice

The spiked lattice removes tufts simultaneously from all layers. Its improved design and optimum needle positions allow intensive and gentle opening of the raw material. The superior reinforcement of the belts makes the spiked lattice wear-resistant. The special links and the aluminum rails ensure long service life.

Customer values

  • Gentle opening of raw material
  • Process control due to improved design
  • Long service life and great stability

Card Enhancement

Card performance depends on the individual process steps that ensure high production rate as well as a high discharge rate of waste and short fibers. To meet these demands while keeping the card at the cutting edge of technology, Rieter proposes to optimize the individual process zones: chute, licker-in, main cylinder, flat and doffer unit. The Q-package, which optimizes the pre- and post-carding zones located around the main cylinder, is a particular highlight as it helps achieve better sliver quality.

Customer values

  • High productivity
  • Improved carding performance and sliver quality