Compacting Device COMPACTdrum

Minimal hairiness and maximum flexibility
  1. Very low production costs
  2. New dimension in hairiness reduction
  3. Easy to install and remove

Product details

With easy installation and removal, the compacting device COMPACTdrum for the Rieter ring spinning machine allows for quick switches between ring yarn and compact yarn. COMPACTdrum adds a new dimension to reducing hairiness. Compact yarn produced in this way is highly sought-after in downstream processing. The device processes all raw materials and covers all yarn counts. With low energy requirements, very high productivity and long-life technology components, production costs are kept low.

COMPACTdrum allows economic production of compact yarns.


COMPACTdrum allows compact yarns to be spun with very low production costs thanks to the low energy requirements – even with the highest levels of productivity.

The sieve drum system is low-maintenance as it is fitted with components that have a long service life. This ensures that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

COMPACTdrum takes compact-yarn production to new dimensions in hairiness reduction.


A new dimension in terms of hairiness reduction: COMPACTdrum reduces long hairs to an absolute minimum. Compact yarn produced in this way is highly demanded in downstream processing. 

The compacting device produces yarns with even better properties compared to other compact yarns. 

The long-life technology components of the COMPACTdrum ensure that the yarns produced are of a constantly high quality over a long period.

Easy installation and removal enables highest flexibility.


The compact device is easy to install and remove, offering high levels of flexibility when faced with market requirements that are constantly changing.

COMPACTdrum offers a high level of flexibility. It processes every type of fiber and can be adjusted to suit each raw material easily and quickly.

New Rieter ring spinning machines can be delivered with COMPACTdrum. Existing Rieter machines can be upgraded.