Upgrades and Retrofits

Maintain the value of Rieter equipment and boost its performance with innovative engineered solutions.
  1. Maximize productivity
  2. Improve yarn quality
  3. Save energy and optimize costs
  4. Extend the lifetime of equipment
  5. Improve flexibility

Boosting Performance

After several years of operation, machines do not meet today's requirements anymore and require a little boost to recover their initial productivity. Rieter provides a wide range of solutions to bring your equipment up to its best levels and even beyond. 

Retrofit metal-X A 11

With the magnetic attachment at the grid of the Take-off unit, designed with several neodymium magnets, iron parts will be detected and collected. Especially for cotton raw material, the upgrade collects metal parts, which may cause fire accidents and broken wires, before they entering the process.

Customer values

  • Lower the possibility of costly fire accident by iron parts
  • Reduced maintenance cost due to a lower possibility of destroyed wires 

Take off unit A 11

The take-off unit features a streamlined design to optimize the tuft flow. Some electro-mechanical and other parts are eliminated compared to the previous version.

Customer values

  • Up to 1 400 kg/h maximum production
  • Up to 20% reduced energy consumption
  • Spare parts and maintenance cost savings

Tuft transport optimization

The tuft transport optimization A 11 aims at upgrading the UNIfloc A 11 to improve its original performance. The package includes mandatory and optional parts.

Customer values

  • Longer lifetime
  • Improved running performance
  • Low vibration
  • Optimized fan wheel with more capacity (1 m3/sec. to 1.2 m3/sec)

Wobble disc

The wobble disc take-off roller is made out of 39 wobble discs which are welded on a seamless precision pipe which is forming the take-off roller. This take-off roller can be installed in UNIfloc A 1/2, A 10 and A 11.

Customer values

  • Superior sturdiness
  • Higher lifetime
  • Improved running performance (less material choking between grid bar and teeth)
  • Lower vibrations (improved precision, helix-shaped formation of wobble discs)

Round toothed belt

The round toothed belt is used to transfer the power transmission from the main motor to the take-off roller. This upgraded round toothed belt has 25% more teeth and a rounded tooth shape. These features increase the stability of the belt and based on that, the lifetime increases as well.

Customer values

  • Service life increased by up to 50%
  • Improved power transmission
  • Significant reduction of abrasion and wear
  • Higher efficiency
  • Optimized fan wheel with more capacity (1m3/sec. to 1.2m3/sec)

UNIflex B 60 upgrade

The UNIflex B 60 upgrade consists of state-of-the-art key components which improve the running performance and reduce good fiber loss.

Customer values

  • Up to 60% reduction of machine downtime based on material clogging
  • Up to 4.5% saving of good fibers out of waste
  • Performance restored and even improved by up to 10%
  • Extended lifetime (only with optional parts)

Web bridge

Cleaning of the web bridge is a routine task performed on cards to ensure a uniform quality of the sliver. Such a time-consuming task can be substantially reduced with the patented web bridge by Rieter. In the shortest possible time, it can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled without any tools.

Customer values

  • Cleaning maintenance time reduced by 90%
  • Quality improvement of the yarn by avoiding thick places
  • Productivity increase thanks to shorter planned machine downtime

Frequency converters

Several frequency converter series have become obsolete due to the evolution of electronics over the past ten years. Upgrading these existing series to the latest generation not only reduces downtime but also extends the lifetime of Rieter machines, ensuring operational safety on ring, compact and rotor spinning machines.

Customer benefits

  • Extended machine lifetime
  • Operation safety
  • Reduced downtime