Ring Spinning Machine G 38

High-quality yarns produced with high flexibility
  1. Flexible production of standard and special yarns
  2. Optimum machine efficiency
  3. Energy-saving

Product Details

The ring spinning machine G 38 flexibly produces high-quality ring yarns. Yarn parameters can be easily changed on the operating unit thanks to the fully electronic drafting system. The new compacting devices for high-quality compact yarn as well as systems for the spinning of slub, twin, and core yarns make the G 38 even more flexible.

The individual spindle monitoring system ISM premium checks the running properties and reduces the personnel costs by about 5%. With the fully automated piecing robot ROBOspin, the G 38 reaches a top-level efficiency with enormous personnel savings. 


The integrated individual spindle monitoring system ISM premium checks the running properties of each individual spinning position. The system ensures a high machine efficiency and can save about 5% personnel costs.

The G 38 uses minimal energy thanks to energy-efficient components and suction devices on both sides of the machine. 

Using a “wild loading” process on the tube loader ROBOload, tubes are tipped out of a trolley and into a loading device, where they are sorted automatically. This reduces the workload.


The proven SERVOgrip system developed by Rieter prevents thread underwinding when doffing. This reduces fiber fly and ensures yarn quality.

High-quality technology components combined with a unique spinning geometry and high spindle speeds ensure the economical production of premium yarns.


Standard and special yarns (optional) are now produced flexibly and economically on long machines with up to 1 824 spindles. The machine can be equipped with the proven EliTe system (option) for producing compacted yarns.

The Rieter man-made fiber package simplifies the process of spinning man-made fibers and blends, therefore improving the performance of the machine (option).

  • Compacting device COMPACTdrum

    The compacting device COMPACTdrum for the Rieter ring spinning machine is easy to install and remove. It adds a new dimension to reducing hairiness, which impresses customers along with the very low production costs. The device processes all raw materials and covers all yarn counts.

  • Compacting device COMPACTeasy

    The compacting device COMPACTeasy is the new mechanical compacting solution that is attracting customers thanks to its low investment costs. COMPACTeasy produces yarns with excellent characteristics from all standard raw materials. This is based on the intensive double compacting that does not require any additional energy.



  • ESSENTIAL – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite

    ESSENTIAL provides fact based optimization proposals, key performance indicators and even predicts downtime risks. This powerful tool supports management activities with comprehensive and clearly arranged digital analytics. With ESSENTIAL you are unlocking the full range of digital value creation possibilities for your mill.


Com4 yarns

Yarns for the most exacting requirements that ensure competitiveness in a dynamic market are Com4 yarns. Spun on Rieter ring, compact, rotor or air-jet spinning machines the Com4 yarns are characterized by excellent quality. Rieter customers profit from optimized production costs and good selling outlets.

Ring Spinning Portfolio



Yarn count [Ne]

4.5 – 160 (250 optional)

Raw materials

Cotton, man-made fibers and blends up to 63 mm (2 1/2")

Twist range [T/m]

200 –  3 000

Draft [fold]

8 – 120 mechanical (10 – 80 technical recommendation)


Spindle speed [rpm]

up to 25 000

Delivery speed [m/min]

up to 35


Number of spindles

up to 1 824

Spindle gauge

70, 75

Machine automation


Transport automation:


Automated yarn piecing