Spinning Preparation

Perfect Sliver Quality at Highest Productivity

Rieter has been the global market leader in spinning preparation for decades. The combing machines guarantee unrivaled quality and first-rate raw material utilization. Proven technology and innovative elements of the Rieter draw frames ensure constantly high quality values. Rieter autoleveler draw frames feature excellent scanning precision and leveling dynamics. High sliver regularity and quality improve the operating properties in downstream processes. The roving frame supplies a high-quality roving to the ring spinning machines.


  • Autoleveler Draw Frame RSB-D 50 and Draw Frame SB-D 50

    The new single-head draw frame generation from Rieter offers an unprecedented level of productivity with the highest quality standards. The patented drive concept ECOrized uses 25% less belts, saves up to 1 000 euros per year on energy costs and now allows higher delivery speeds, for example for polyester and combed cotton.

  • Autoleveler Draw Frame RSB-D 26

    The double-head autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 26 combines the highest levels of sliver evenness and productivity using two heads that are completely independent of each other. Depending on the raw material, the RSB-D 26 produces up to 33% more sliver compared to the previous model.

  • Draw Frame SB-D 26

    The double-head draw frame SB-D 26 without autoleveling function is a highly efficient machine. It delivers up to 33% more sliver compared to the previous model, and is the most compact draw frame in its class at just 2.98 m width. The ECOrized drive concept with 25% less belts saves on energy costs.

  • OMEGAlap E 36

    OMEGAlap E 36 with proven winding belt technology is the most economic combing preparation system and provides the qualitatively best conditions for high-performance combing.

  • Comber E 86

    The comber, with its high production and its unequaled quality, leads the way in combing. Together with the unique OMEGAlap preparation, the highest production per set on the market is achieved.

  • Fully automated roving frame F 39 and semi-automated roving frame F 19

    The new generation of roving frames produces first-class rovings for minimal investment costs. The rapid doffer installed in the F 39 ensures a high level of efficiency. Targeted suction and individual roving monitoring guarantee excellent roving quality.